Asset management software is very significant in the oil and gas industry because they generally use sophisticated assets. This software is essential for managers and employees whose role is to maintain and monitor operations to optimize asset usage.


Besides, they track different types of assets across numerous locations and lead to the high productivity of company equipment through repairs and maintenance. The following are the best asset management software that can be incorporated into the oil and gas industry.


Drilling Data Management System (DDMS)

DDMS is a drilling database management software that allows staff to analyze, manage and report drilling data correctly. In addition to that, the platform is user-friendly for both the admin and the customers. Its features include a log browser and robust reporting tools such as statistical reporting. The software guarantees current and accurate data collection.


Data Point’s End to End

The software is a communications system that has been developed to aid a company to manage reliability, power consumption, and costs to assist you in maintaining your data collection system. It is useful in the process of calculation, monitoring and recording your drilling data for the mud logging services. In addition to that, the software is easy and straightforward to use.



KeelBuilder is an asset management software that makes it easy to manage technical and complex data regarding assets to control costs and reliability by configuring tools and features to achieve efficiency and costs of maintaining assets. This software can organize your business data that have been accumulated for an extended period.



MineralFile is software that allows you to manage your oil and gas assets with the help of a web browser. It is currently operated by NeoFirma. It organizes all the assets and saves all the necessary documents at one point for easy access. Besides, it makes it easy for other departments to collaborate with each other.



Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is the best asset management software for gas, oil, water, and gas industrial process. It effectively connects software in your office to hardware in the field without the use of vast amounts of expensive equipment.


The above asset management software should be in a position to:

  • Manage assets, spare parts, inventory, and materials required for maintenance
  • Offer mobile apps for field employees to access data and submit reports easily
  • Track asset usage, uptime or downtime, availability and productivity
  • Develop and manage asset documents for tax purposes
  • Outline various types of equipment and monitor their physical location
Why should you hire an Asset Manager?