“There is no one correct answer on the structure and content of an Asset Management Strategy. Organizations have developed different solutions which fit with their business requirements, reflect the nature of their business and aid the interface with their stakeholders including regulators and owners.”

The Institute of Asset Management Subject Specific Guide on Strategy and Planning: Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Plans

“Asset management is sometimes often incorrectly perceived as the delivery of maintenance processes – it is much more than this.”

The Institute of Asset Management Subject Specific Guide on Strategy and Planning Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Plans

“Four basic patterns of thinking are reflected in the four kinds of questions managers ask every day: What is going on? Why did this happen? Which course of action should we take? And what lies ahead?”

The New Rational Manager Charles H Kepner, Benjamin B Tregoe

“Asset management supports the realization of value while balancing financial, environmental and social costs, risk, quality of service and performance related to assets.”

ISO 5500 2014 International Organization for Standardization

Lokimox® provides physical asset management services to the energy sector. The principals bring experience from North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, to smaller organizations typically unable to access advanced skills sets through the use of retained experts as part of their operating team rather than full-time staff. Secondary services include data management, data analysis, decision-making assistance, regulator interfaces, and training of personnel.

The company also maintains a comprehensive library of international standards and primary industry references, part of the organizational commitment to the retention of knowledge. The principals at Lokimox® are active in multiple industry organizations.  It is the vision of Lokimox® to bring change to current business models while actively fostering new thinking.

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